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Written 17.3.2010, 21:32. Read by 3202 people.
I had a letter from them today, it's the third time I've received a letter from them. There seem to be so many scams around now don't they! I also had a scam phone call today which I've written about in an earlier blog - two scams in one day!

The first time I had a letter from the Unclaimed Prize Register I did get excited for a while because I enter lots of online competitions, mainly to get points from places like pointshop and ipoints - so I did wonder if I'd won something but missed the notification. When I thought about it properly though I realised that it didn't ring true. For it start it costs £9 to make the phone call!! When I looked at the fantastic list of prizes ranging from lots of cash to a digital camera it reminded me of the prize draws I used to get sent from Readers Digest - guaranteeing that I had won a prize - when I sent off for them I always got the keyring or the bookmark. So I knew that if I replied to the letter I would get the digital camera - they are much cheaper now than they used to be. It still sounded like it might be worth claiming but first I looked them up on the internet and found that lots of people have been caught out by them. The digital camera was very cheap quality indeed and it had cost people lots of money to claim it.

I did what I should have done in the first place and shredded the letter. The second letter went the same way. Now I have a third letter! This time the booby prize seems to be a sterling silver jewellery set.

Having used it to blog about, I will now shred this letter too!


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