Guide to use All in One SEO Plugin to do On-Page SEO

guide to use all in one seo plugin to do on-page seo
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WordPress is a well-liked and approachable open-source program with many plugins, themes, and other features that allow someone without technical experience to design and build a website.

A plugin is a piece of WordPress website-building tool. The individual can build any type of website using plugins, including e-commerce sites, portfolios, and directory sites. Plugins can also add new functionality or enhance existing functionality on your site. When creating a website, the creator needs to use coding to build an awesome website, but with the help of plugins in WordPress, there is no need for massive coding knowledge. The Plugin is a tool that already has coding inside it which is developed by the website developers for the noncoders to easily build the website.

There are so many plugins to design a website in WordPress, but we are going to talk about a particular plugin that is very easy to use and has all the functions to make the blog easily readable in the SEO format. The plugin which contains all the functions to help the SEO of the website is All in One SEO.

What is All in One SEO?

All in One SEO is the original WordPress SEO tool to optimize the website easily and quickly which is also called AIO SEO. Once All in One SEO has been installed on your WordPress website, you can utilize recommendations from All in One SEO to address any content SEO problems. You can try to gradually increase website traffic through improved search engine rankings by addressing the SEO issues. With the help of AIO SEO, we can publish the website at WordPress in a good format and easy to read.

A Guide to use  Key features in All in One SEO

The All in One SEO is a complete plugin for the On Page SEO like the name itself of the plugin. It has all the features to optimize the website or blog to get a high rank. There are some main features in All in One SEO that we can do to optimize the website are addressed below.

SEO Audit Checklist

SEO audit checklist

Use All in One SEO’s SEO Audit Checklist function to receive an overview of your WordPress site’s SEO and determine whether any problems are harming your On Page SEO ranking. The entire website will be scanned by the SEO Audit Checklist, and you’ll receive a score out of 100. The good score range of the AIO SEO is about 60 to 80 and to get the best result, the individual need to thrive for about 70 and above.

On Page Analysis

Website owners constantly need to perform on-page SEO. You must optimize each new page and blog post which you add to your website for search engines. Fortunately, All in One SEO makes this procedure very simple.

First, editing your SEO settings on a page-by-page basis is simple with AIOSEO’s SEO Meta Box.

The meta title and meta description can be manually entered, or you can use smart tags with various variables. You’ll also get a snippet preview in the SEO Meta Box so you can see how your page or post will appear in search results.

The meta title will have about 60 characters and the description have about 140 to 160 characters, which will help the blog to get more attraction.

meta title & description

AIO SEO also allows you to add a focus keyphrase and assess how well your content has been optimized for it. So that you can realize and optimize even more to give good content and get a good result.

focus keyphrase

After that, All in One SEO will provide you with a detailed overview of your optimization efforts. On-Page Analysis by TruSEO is the name of this feature.

A list of Basic SEO mistakes, such as whether or not the target keyphrase has been used in specific sections, internal links, content length, and more, may be found at the bottom of each article and page.

page analysis

On Page analysis, there is another feature called Title analysis, which will analyze the title of the blog and give suggestions and tips to improve it.

title analysis

Last but not least, you’ll also learn how to make your material more readable, which is a crucial SEO ranking criterion. Your blog has a better chance of ranking higher the simpler it is to read. This feature will analyze and give suggestions and tips to improve the content like images, video, title tags, sentence length, and more to be easily readable.


Local SEO

The majority of consumers use search engines to find local businesses like restaurants, spas, and other businesses.

A Knowledge Graph card that features nearby businesses may appear in search results when people explore local businesses online. If you’re not a developer, adding structured data to your website to have your company listed in these search results is difficult. But with All in One SEO, the procedure is so easy that required no coding knowledge.

All you have to do is enter your company details into AIOSEO’s Local Business SEO addon, such as:

  • Type of business
  • Name of the company
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • working hours

To reach your local target audience, this will make it much simpler for Google to find information about your website and display it in search results. You can even add numerous locations for your business and design a unique landing page for each of them where you can list your contact details and hours of operation. You may add sophisticated sidebar widgets with just one click to your website for address, locations by category, and opening hours.

Sitemap XML

A brief and comprehensive list of all the information on your website, known as an XML sitemap, makes it easy for search engine spiders to crawl and index it. Without one, bots can only access your material by clicking on links on your website. Additionally, if particular website pages aren’t frequently linked to, Google’s bots will have trouble identifying them and they won’t appear in search results. If you don’t want particular pages to appear in search results, you can also remove them from your sitemap. The traffic to your most crucial content will increase if you remove pages like media attachment pages, for instance.

You may use AIO SEO to automatically create a unique sitemap and submit it to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo for your website. Every time you publish, change, or delete content on your site, the plugin will automatically alert them.

Social SEO

The use of social media platforms can increase website traffic and lead generation for your company. It is crucial that you inform search engines like Google and Bing of the social media accounts that are connected to your website. AIO SEO has that procedure. You can add up to 11 social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more, by simply pasting the links to your accounts into the appropriate fields.

Facebook thumbnails can be enabled with a single click, preventing Facebook from “guessing” and showing the incorrect image when your content is shared. Next, choose your picture source by scrolling to the bottom of the post or page you’re updating. There are several choices available, including Featured Image, First Image in Content, Custom Image, and more.

image source

You can modify the title and meta description of your Facebook profile. Additionally, AIO SEO will provide a preview before you post so you can see how your material will appear on Facebook.

facebook preview


Building a website alone won’t be enough to advertise a business; it also needs to be maintained and optimised for the most recent trends in order to attract more visitors. Using All in One SEO in WordPress, which includes all the capabilities to construct the website easily, fast, and beautifully, is the simple way to accomplish this.


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