Importance of Keywords in SEO

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Keywords perform a required contribution to a website when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. An optimized website with relevant keywords knows what type of keyword their visitors can search for exact information on your website. And it helps good ranking traffic on your website. It is importance of keywords in SEO.

It’s easy to understand that users will be searching for their results on the internet. If you use an incorrect key phrase, your website or page never reaches visitors to read. Because your text could not match what your users search for their results, if you use the right keywords visitors can easily get their results and your ranking gets high.

Where to add your Keywords ?

 There are some other places you should add your keywords

  • Title and tags
  • Introduction
  • Keywords in Meta Data
  • Keywords in the H2 tag
  • Image alt text
  • Keyword stuffing

Keyword used in Title Tag

Tags used in the title. It helps to tell the search engine about your website contents. It’s more important to use suitable keywords in the title to rank at the top of SERP. So it’s easy to understand for the crawlers about your content. Google uses this tag to show the website on the search engine result page. You can add relevant keywords to tags, so it helps to upgrade your website ranking.


 You are the text content of the first paragraph and keep the introduction as normal text. So search engines and readers know what the content is. It’s a great chance to insert your keyphrase. So you can insert good keywords in the introduction, it will be fine in SEO

Keywords used in Meta Data

Meta Data are initial interaction of your website content with users using relevant keywords, and this act as an objective to your website content. Add keywords to the Metatag, it makes easier for search engines to display your content.

Keyword used in the H2 tag

H2 to H6 tags are used in your content. You must add your keyword to few of your subheadings H2-H3.

Image alt text

Importance of Keywords in SEO

Probably your post or blog has added an image related topic you are writing. So you can add keywords in alt texts to your image. It’s help to improve your ranking.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing sometimes on-page work well to increase your website’s rank but no longer. Constantly use relevant and limited keywords to create your website content.

These are the importance of Keywords. Once you create content or blog, you should know keywords are important in search engine optimization and how to cover all of the elements in Keywords.



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