What Is WP Bakery Page Builder In WordPress?

WP Bakery Page Builder
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Every business needs its own website to grow, and the website needs to be in a good-looking way to attract the audience. To create a good-looking website or webpage with less coding knowledge, individuals can use page builders like WP Bakery in WordPress to develop the websites. This article explains what is WP Bakery? and how to use it.

What Is WP Bakery Page Builder?

WP Bakery page builder

WP Bakery Page Builder is one of the most used page builder plugins in WordPress to design the website. WP Bakery helps users to create any layout that they can imagine without having high coding skills. The user can’t activate this plugin directly from WordPress but they can download from the official website and upload it to WordPress. It is easy to design and publish the webpage by WP Bakery in WordPress.

WP Bakery page builder has two types of schematic editors

  • Frontend editor
  • Backend editor

Frontend Schematic Editor

It is a WP bakery editor which allows the user to edit the layout and designs on the live website. In the front end, we can’t preview the changes we made and update them. The changes will take directly into a live website.

Backend Schematic Editor

The backend schematic editor is the WP Bakery page builder editor where the user can edit or update the website design and layout in the WordPress dashboard. Most of the users will go for the backend editor because the user can preview and change the design or layout before it is going online.

Factors and advantages of the WP Bakery page builder

The WP Bakery page builder is about dragging and dropping the tools to create the perfect layout. It gives full control over the responsive page builder. The user can easily design a website by

  • Choose the elements that WP Bakery has about 50+ elements
  • Drag those elements wherever the user wants on the page and place it
  • Easy to adjust the element settings through the controls and options of the elements
  • Publish the page

Template library

Template library

WP Bakery has pre-designed templates in the template library to easily design the layout of the website. The template library has templates with high-quality layout designs. WP Bakery always constantly updates its list of templates stored in the template library with more current designs and to be easily accessible.

WP Bakery has designs that are simple and hassle-free designs to use easily, and those designs give more attractiveness to the viewers.

While changing the template to the new one, WP Bakery stores the old template in a friendly format so that the data and element structures won’t get lost.

Content Elements

Content elements are essential to creating a new design for the website for non-coders. These are the elements that are the options or designs to build a new layout for the website. There are so many different elements that act as an add-on to build the website, such the add-ons as rows, text blocks, custom headings, empty spaces, and some social media add-ons.

There are over 250+ add-ons in the WP Bakery page builder to design and build the pages for the website. There are some other third-party element plugins in WordPress to build the webpages like gravity forms, layer slider, and woo commerce.

Skin builders

Skin builders

Skin builders are a tool that helps the users to customize the website look visually by applying different color variant skins to the topics and pages in the website. Skin builder is a very easy tool to use. The user can enable the skin tool option from the design options in the settings of the WP Bakery page builder.

Responsive options

Responsive options in the WP Bakery page builder are to organize the content on the website so that the website can be flexible for both the desktop and mobile versions. The responsive options help the website to look like a perfect UI design website. With the help of the responsive option in WP Bakery page builder, the user can easily switch the website from desktop vision to mobile vision by clicking to visit the website effectiveness on both.

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