Tips to Write a Perfect SEO Content

write a perfect seo content
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Writing content entries that are optimized for both visitors and search engines is a skill. It can be time-consuming and challenging. To keep your people engaged, you must be strategic in your topic selection and writing. You’ll have to give some attention to the finest points and follow a set of SEO guidelines.

Here are some tips to write perfect SEO content

  • Think before you write a content
  • Decide on the title of your post
  • Use headings, properly
  • Keep your paragraphs short
  • Add links, but it has to make sense
  • Use keywords, without keyword stuffing
  • Optimize your meta description
  • Use visual representation in a good manner

Think before you write a perfect SEO Content

Allow yourself some time to think about what you want to write in your post and jot down your ideas before you put pen to paper or fingers on the keyboard. It will save time later on in the operation if you do this.

Decide on the title of your post

The title is the first thing every people would notice. It should be in a well-structured manner.

Whatever you want to call it, a good title should have the following qualities:

  • It should have a character restriction of 55-60 characters so that it can be displayed in the SERPS without breaking.
  • It should have the keywords you want to target.
  • It should accurately describe the content.
  • When presented in search engine results pages, it should be engaging enough to entice users to click.


Here the image represents How the Title of the content should be:

Title of the content

Use heading, properly

The titles in your post will help to organize all pages, so utilize them wisely. They are vital not just for readability, but also for SEO. Subheadings make it easier for readers to navigate through your content by defining its structure.


Here the image represents the subheading for the topic mentioned above:

sub headings

Try to make sure your keywords will appear in some of the sub-headings, but not all of them, as this will make the writing appear strange.

Keep your paragraphs short

Don’t begin each new sentence on a new line, and don’t utilize large paragraphs on a single page. It makes it easier for your readers to view the material because the majority of your readers are likely to be using a mobile device. Try to keep the paragraphs in the content as short as possible but with every information.

Add links, but it has to make sense

Try to add external and internal links to the content. So, it looks nice. Also helps in the SEO of that content. The external link should be related to your content and also make sure that the Domain Authority of the page is high. The higher it is, the more chances we have to rank in a good position in SERP.


Here the image, Blue text in the image represent the internal links of the website:

internal links

Use keywords, Without stuffing

We should focus on keywords while writing content for the page. More keywords do not help you in SEO. Try to add keywords where it needs and where it is necessary.

Optimize your meta description:

The description tag shows a brief explanation of the content that is under 200 characters long. Because Google may choose to display your meta description in the results, it is critical to optimize the length of your meta description. To persuade readers to click your link and visit your blog, the description should be useful and entertaining.


Here the image shows how the meta description should be. It should be short and crisp:

meta description

Use visual representation in a good manner

Use images and videos in a good manner. Its size should be taken care of. The less the size it has, the less time it gets to load while people access the content. We should add ALT Text to images and add code to the videos to make search engines understand what the images and videos are about.

In this blog, we have some tips to tips to write perfect SEO content. Try to keep these points in mind while you write content for the page.

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