Key Elements in On-Page SEO and How to Optimize Them?

seo key elements
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There are some of the key elements in On-Page SEO and you have to keep in mind to get the best result. In this blog, we will see factors that you have to give close attention to key elements in On-Page SEO and how to optimize them.

Key Elements in On-Page SEO:

  1. Title and side headings
  2. Image optimization“
  3. Keywords
  4. Meta description
  5. URLs & Internal and External links

Title and side headings:

Title tags are the most important on-page factor for SEO. It is the name of the title of the webpage. We should Title tags for Title. It helps search engines to understand that is the webpage is about. Side heading might have keywords that help in ranking. Header tag <H3> should be used to get a better result. Try to add keywords in the title itself, it helps in a great manner. You may use up to two <H2> tag in the content.

title tag

Here we used Title tags for the title and Family Lawyers is a keyword.


Image Optimization:

Image optimization is the process of lowering the file size of your photos as much as possible without sacrificing quality to keep page load times as low as possible. That is, getting your product and decorative photos to appear in image search results on Google and other image search engines. The image should be lower than 2MB. The image which we use should have ALT Text in it.


image optimization

Here we used the exact keywords/Phrase in ALT text so it helps Search Engine to understand the image.



Keywords are defining the subject matter of your article. They’re the words and phrases that people type into search engines, often known as “search queries” in SEO.


keywords snapshot


In this Family Lawyers is the keyword. We should focus on that to get a better SERP score.


Meta data:

Meta Description and Meta Title are important in On-page SEO. The small blurb that shows beneath your website on the SERP and offers information about your page is known as a meta description. Meta Description should be in the range of 155-160 characters.

Its purpose is to give users a quick synopsis of the content on your website so they can figure out if it’ll answer their questions. Meta Title should be in under 60 characters.

Title tags and Meta titles may sound the same but they are totally different. To simply put, Title tag is the title of the content. Meta title is the title shown in SERP.

meta data

Here Meta Title is Business View Magazine | The Face of Business.

Meta Description is Business View Magazine is the face of Business which gives a platform to all entrepreneurs, business owners, & Startups to share their stories.



Try to use keywords in the URL of the page. It gives great results in On-page SEO. Here the keyword is Family Lawyers, we have used it in the link of that particular page. URL shouldn’t have unnecessary information. URL should be short and simple.

url snapshot

Internal and External links:

Internal links help visitors stay in touch with your website longer. Overall, they guarantee a positive user experience. It increases the authority of your pages and overall site. External links are Linking to outside websites. It will not hurt your page rank as long as the relevant content you’re linking to comes from authoritative sites.

Here is an image, so you can understand the concept:


external link


Visit Ruselle Cooke is a button that takes you to a particular page outside our page. There is Children word in the paragraph which is different in colour compared to others. It is an internal link that takes you to the page within the website.

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