What is WordPress CMS? – All You Need to Know

WordPress And Its Must Know Topics
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WordPress is a popular & friendly open-source tool with various plugins, themes, and other functions for designing and creating a website for an individual who doesn’t have any more coding knowledge.

WordPress CMS

wordpress cms

A content management system (CMS) is software that enables individuals to create, edit or publish their own content on the web. WordPress is the most used Content Management System in the world and anyone can use it to own their website and publish their content with less coding knowledge. It is a software that stores all the data and makes it online to help with editing and publishing the content at any time and anywhere.

WordPress has about two versions

  1. Hosted WordPress
  2. WordPress platform

Hosted WordPress

WordPress offers hosted websites to make the website easy for anybody to start the website in wordpress.org. There will be a fee charged for some plugins and themes in the hosted platform based on the features and storage required for the individual.

WordPress Platform

It is a platform where the individual can download WordPress for free from wordpress.com and use it on a private server or with other free hosting services. With the WordPress platform, it is very to publish the blog on the website for individuals.

With a CMS, the individual can easily get all the features like User management, Media management, theme system, new plugins, new SEO tool, and multilingual tools in one place.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins

WordPress plugins are tools that individuals can use to modify or add new features to their websites. Plugins are like a mobile application, we use them to install new apps to add new features or modify the features in our mobile device. Like, we use plugins to modify or add features to our website as a user friendly.

Plugins are pre-coded tools where the WordPress developers already developed a code in the plugins so that the website host doesn’t have to worry about the coding for developing new features in their website.

There are over 58000 different plugins in WordPress to build our website user friendly

The individual can add third-party plugins as a ZIP file in their WordPress.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the premium cache plugin in WordPress. WordPress experts say that the WP Rocket is the most powerful caching tool. The catching tool is the tool that creates and manages the caches for faster display in the form of images, video, and other graphic versions. It instantly improves by about 80% of performance optimization by activating it on the website.

WP Rocket improves the speed of the website in loading time with better GTMetrix and Pagespeed scores. The individual can customize and apply the WP Rocket more on the selected versions like images, videos, and Google fonts optimization for better loading speed.

Yoast SEO

The most used plugin in WordPress is the Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO is the plugin used to improve and manage the SEO for our website. There are plenty of competitors or business persons on the web having a website related to our business website.

To win that competition and to get more audience for the website, the individual needs to optimize their website for every short period of time. Yoast SEO is the plugin that is mainly developed for increasing website traffic organically with help of some features in Yoast SEO.

The features in Yoast SEO

  1. Automated technical improvements like canonical URL and meta tags
  2. Have advanced XML sitemaps to get google to easily understand the website
  3. Have schema.org integration to increase the chance of getting high in SERP

Yoast SEO also has some features for the content

  1. Readability analysis is to get the viewers to read and easily understand the content
  2. Have language support the viewers to see the contents in their own multilingual language

XML Sitemaps

The XML Sitemaps plugin is used to improve the SEO for the search engines crawlers or spiders like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to easily understand and index the website. The XML Sitemaps supports all kinds of WordPress-generated pages. It uses special types of sitemaps for crawlers to understand and retrieve information about the content on the website.

The Difference Between The Post And Page In WordPress

wordpress page

WordPress Post

Posts are the ones where the individual can publish their own content in the form of articles, blog posts, and other content listed on a blog page. A blog post is a form of content to tell information or news to the viewer. In other words, post feed with content to deliver the message to the audience or viewer.

Post is a new site portion where everything will be in reverse chronological order, so the newest post will be at the top of the page. In the post, viewers can comment on their suggestions or what the individual particular need can mention in the comment suggestion at the bottom of the post.

WordPress Page

Pages are similar to the post with the title and body of context but it is different. Because the page contains the posts like blog posts and articles on the website. Pages are timeless content which doesn’t have an expiry date.

Pages are the static part of the website where the host can tell about them in separate pages like the ‘About me’ section. Pages are not a social part to share and it’s the opposite of posting like no comment action, no sharings, pages will be in the constant place of the website.

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