What is Keywords

what is keywords
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Keywords are the words that hints or defines the topic of the content of your page. Keywords are used to relate the content of your page to the user search in the search engines. The content creator should make the keywords relevant to the user mind to get the more traffic towards the page.

What is Keywords

 Importance of Keywords

Keywords are important because it links between the content to the user search for in the search engine should fill the need. The ultimate goal of the keywords is to make the more organic traffic to the page in the search engine result page.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of identifying the most popular word in the content or finding the word which is relation to the content of your page. Keyword research is the way of demanding the other competitor by giving the high related keyword to show the content of your page in the search engine results page to get more organic traffic towards the page.

what is keywords-keywords research

How to do Keyword Research

The keyword research is done through using any of the tool to find the keywords. All Keyword research should start with seek word which is the topic or head word of the content. This process will start by entering the seek word in the research tool like Keyword Explorer.

Quality of Keyword

While considering or creating the keyword, some of the main qualities to remember are

quality of serach intent

Types of keywords

As known each keywords have a specific intern and basic type of keywords are

  • Branded Keyword which describes the particular brand name as a keyword.
  • Geo targeted keyword used to describe the local business in a specific geographical area.
  • Negative keywords are the words which is used make the search engine to not to show the page for a particular keyword.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keyword is the combination of several terms of the content to describe the content and these words are broad and long reaching called as head words. Some times the user can not simply search the single word keyword to get the related content. For this purpose, long tail keywords are more useful.

Keyword search intent

Search intent is determining the searcher what they looking for whether definition page or shopping page. For this it is divided in to a four categories

  • Transactional intent
  • Commercial intent
  • Navigational intent
  • Informational intent

Keyword difficulty

Keyword difficulty is the evaluation process to measure the page the difficulty of the page to make top rank in the search engine. It is the important process to choose the perfect keyword for the content. The user should choose low difficulty keyword to get high rank in the search engines whereas the high difficulty keywords have high competition to rank high in the search engines. Keywords with difficulty greater than 70% is high difficulty word and difficulty with less than 30% is low difficulty keyword. The keyword difficulty will be calculated by considering

  • Page content
  • Quality of Backlinks and referral links
  • Domain Authority

keyword difficulty

Use of Keyword on your page

The unique keyword should be employed at each page of your site and that keyword should ensure that it contains the title tag and the body of the content. The primary keyword should be employed at header tag, the URL of a page, Meta description and the Alt text of the image.


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