What are the Important Factors in SEO for Ranking Websites?

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Ranking websites in search engines is a huge process and it includes some factors to make it effective and efficient. The Search Engine Optimization process requirements keep changing and if you want to make your website top rank in the search engines, the basic optimization process is need to be done. A well-optimized site gets more traffic to it and makes an effective and leads in the increase of sales and subscribers.

This article makes you optimize your sites with the essential factors of SEO to dominate in the Search Engines.

What are the Important Factors in SEO for Ranking Websites?

What is ranking in SEO?

Ranking in Search Engine Optimization is making or creating web pages more effective to get a higher rank in search engines. In search engines, the position of the content is considered the rank of a site.

What do Search Engines Look for in SEO?

Search Engines make content access in worldwide. To do so the search engines perform some processes to make sure.

  • At first, the search engines Crawl the pages on the site.
  • Second, it checks whether the pages are optimized correctly and it indexes the page on the search engine results page.
  • The Search Engines shows the relevant page to the user search in the search box.

The Most Important Ranking Factors

To make the pages of a site get a better rank in the search engine, some of the factors that are considered while doing Search Engine Optimization,

Secure and Accessible Website:

Having the proper and good URL is the first of our Search Engine Optimization ranking factors. That particular URL is one that Search Engine can readily access and crawl.

In other terms, the Search Engine has to be able to access the URL and view the page content in order to determine the topic and content of the page.

You’ll need the following to aid the Search Engines are:

  • A website developed using a website builder with good coding
  • A robots.txt file that instructs Google where to look and where not to look for content on your site
  • An index of all your pages on your website

Page Speed

Page Speed is considered the major factor in Search Engine Optimization process. Every time search engines want to improve the user experience of the web, File loading of the page, and quick access for the users. It is also considered for mobile users. The sites should also be accessible to mobile users because a large number of users prefer mobiles. If the page does not load fast on the mobile then the site will get penalized.

The Search Engines also has a tool to check the speed of pages on the mobile.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile friendliness is another important SEO ranking consideration while you are on the subject of mobile. There have been adjustments made to how Google ranks search results since more people access the internet using mobile devices than desktops.

As of right now, Google uses a mobile-first index, which means it is optimized for mobile devices above those designed for desktop computers when determining its rankings. You run the risk of being unnecessarily under-ranked if your website is not mobile-optimized.

While many of the SEO ranking elements we’ll examine in this article can help you create the groundwork for a strong search engine rating, you also need to consider how visitors will feel when they arrive at your website.

Domain age, URL, and Authority

Most of the pages are held longer in the Search engines due to their high domain range. The added advantage is that if you have a well-optimized site for a long while. The domain name also matters if you use any spam sites on your page, you will be penalized. In considering the domain the two important key is Domain Authority and Page Authority. To get a high rank in the search engine, you should maintain a good Domain and Page Authority score for your site.

The URL will reflect your business and the site quality for domain choosing. So, build a unique and creative URL for your site to display in the search engines.

Optimized Content

The creation of the best content makes the page rank at the top. To make it efficient, some of the key tips are.

  • Use unique and high category Keywords. Keywords play a significant role in content Optimization. Create a better keyword for your content using any of the tools like Keyword Research.
  • Create fresh content and do not use any duplicate content s from the other pages or sites.
  • Avoid Keyword stuffing, it results in the pages as poor-quality content and affects the ranking in the search engines.
  • Understand the search intent for the content to make the search engine rank the pages.

The keywords you will use to make a user to

  • Find a Particular Website
  • Get the information of a site
  • Confirm the information before making a purchase
  • And the transactions through the site.

Use of Video

The use of videos in the content makes the content to the user more useful. Most of the users watch the videos rather than read the content. So, make the content with good videos to make a blog post to get a high rank.

Technical SEO

Writing proper and good code for the content is a crucial component of content optimization for higher search engine rankings.

You can influence some of the following factors without coding:

  • In page titles, where Google first looks to decide which material is relevant to which search, add keyword terms.
  • Use h1 for your title and h2 or h3 for subheads to demonstrate the structure of your material in header tags.
  • Make a meta description that appeals to readers while also using your keyword phrase.
  • Keeping your meta descriptions concise and no longer than 160 characters greatly impact the search engine.
  • Use keyword words to display in image alt tags

User Experience

The search engines rank the pages on the basis of better reviews from the users. Some of the signals which are included in ranking the page by using reviews are,

  • Click-through rate, which is the percentage of user who visits your site.
  • Bounce Rate is the number of visitors who exits your page within entering.
  • Dwell Time, how long visitors spend their time on your site.


Links are crucial terms on the web. There are three kinds of links considered in the factors of SEO to get a better rank,

  • Inbound Links: the search engines consider this link to determine the content of your page.
  • Outbound Links: This is used to link other authoritative and relevant sites.
  • Internal Links: this is the process of linking the pages on your own sites. This can help you to get a high rank in search engines.

Social Signals

Another indication that your content is valuable is when users share it on social media. The analysis shares by other SEO revealed a definite relationship between social shares and search engine positioning.

According to Search Engines, social shares do not directly affect rankings. Links from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are not counted in the same way as links from reputable websites. However, it cannot be denied that the top-ranking pages in Google search results typically have a large number of shares.

However, this is likely caused by a few connected factors:

  • More social shares increase the amount of traffic to the page.
  • Additionally, more shares increase your content’s chance of generating backlinks.
  • As a result, increasing your social media shares can benefit your search engine rankings.


With the help of this article, you will get detailed information about the factors that are included in Search Engine Optimization. To get a high rank or better rank in the search engine, know the factors that need to be ensured and put your page at the top of the search engine results page.

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