Best Email Marketing Tools

Best Email Marketing Tools
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WHAT IS EMAIL MARKETING? - best email marketing tools

Email marketing is any marketing strategy that will involves the sending of the commercial emails to a group of customers or prospects. Technically, email marketing also covers the one-on-one communication, like messages sent to solve the specific customer query. As brands try to strengthen the relationships with their customers via digital channels, it is also important to find effective and cost-optimized techniques. Email marketing will ranks high on this list, owing to its massive reach, ease-of-use, and the proven returns. This will also helps to improve the search engine ranking to create a traffic through Email. Also used for link building purpose.

A typical marketing email will have following components:

Subject line – The subject line is your first touch point with customer on their inbox. While the opinions vary from expert to expert, the email marketing best practices as per data recommends 41 characters or the seven-word long subject lines to be ideal

Greeting – You can choose to have the graphic or a one-size-fits-all messaging that’s not personalized for the each customer. For example, in the case of the company announcements, a generic greeting for all would make a sense. Marketing automation Open the new window also lets you greet each customer by their name, this lends the personal touch that could lead to higher conversion rates.

Content – There is no specific format to be followed when creating the email marketing content. You can also play around with texts and images, add charts and GIFs, and also embed videos. We discuss the content aspect of things in section on the email marketing examples below.

CTA – The CTA or a Call to Action directly links your marketing email to the revenue-generating action. For example, an existing customer might be asked to revisit the shopping cart, a new lead could be asked to subscribe, and the customer who had “dropped off” could be informed about latest offers and the products.

Unsubscribe button – This is the essential email marketing best practice that should be followed. Often, companies acquire the customer email IDs by purchasing the email lists. While communication may be relevant, the customer should always have freedom to opt-out.


The best email marketing tool is easy to use, offers the free trial, and provides ways to streamline all your marketing channels. Here we will see some important Email marketing tool.


Mailchimp is the best overall email marketing tool because it has features that most businesses need, without being overly complicated or the confusing. Businesses can schedule campaigns, A/B test copy, and get the reports that will include open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and also more. Plus, it has also the most generous free-forever plans.


  • The free-forever plan up to 500 contacts.
  • Easy to build and also customize campaigns.
  • Clear reporting that will helps to optimize future sends.
  • Integrates with the hundreds of software platforms.



Active Campaign is the best email marketing software for the automation because it has a hundreds of pre-built automations that will help you to personalize campaigns for each subscriber. There are help guides throughout the platform as you’re getting a things set up, plus Active Campaign’s customer support is the fast and friendly. Active Campaign is the customer experience automation software with the email capabilities. Because it is designed to manage contacts and the sales process, it will offers more than 900 integrations. There’s a 14-day free trial to test software. After that, you will need to subscribe to one of four paid plans, which you can pay for monthly or annually.


  • Great the automation features that simplify customer interactions.
  • Helpful, friendly, and the fast customer support.
  • All the plan levels include data migration and the implementation services.
  • 870+ integrations with most popular software.


Hubspot is the best all-in-one marketing suite because it has great tools and reporting for all of your marketing campaigns across various channels (website, social, email marketing, and more). You can store all the contact information with the Hubspot’s CRM and also attract an audience through lead forms, live chat, and the online ads. Hubspot is the leader in CRM services that will include the email marketing. The platform can be handle everything from the emails, social media posts, and the blog publishing, making it top platform for an all-in-one marketing solution. There’s the 14-day free trial, and also then you’ll have to subscribe to one of their three paid plans.


  • Full marketing suite with CRM, social media, blogging, as well as the email marketing capabilities.
  • Email health tab helps keep deliverability rates on the track.
  • Track will leads throughout their buying journey.
  • Helpful for online training resources.




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