What is Google Page Speed Insight?

What is Google Page Speed Insight?
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   Google page speed insight is a free tool to analyze and improve the page speed of our website in both mobile and desktop version. It gives a score to our website by analyzing the optimized website content. Also it gives suggestion to improve the websites speed. It will collect the data from both the lab and field environment. The lab data will used to debugging the issues. This data will collected from the field environment. The open source lighthouse tool is used to collect the lab data from Chrome user experience report. The main advantage of this toll is that any URL can be entered and check by any user.  



This is the very use full and easy to use this tool. Here we will see about how to use this tool.

Step 1: Go to the Google page speed insight and enter the website URL whether its competitors or own. Then click the analyze button. Wait for the tool to analyze the report. This will take few minute to load depending on the page source and the internet speed.

Step 2:  Once the analyze process is completed. The score for the website will be shown for both the mobile and desktop version 0 to 100. Also see the list of suggestion to improve your website speed in Google.

Step 3:  Than review the opportunity. For each opportunity Google suggest you to save in estimate time. So this will help full to optimize the website.

Step 4: After implementing the changes in the website and rerun the website in the Google page speed insight. Sometimes the score will be differ even though you don’t make the change. So it’s useful to run the website two times to get the result.


   In page speed insight some of the reports will be technical. So it’s not easy to understand in seeing them first time. Let’s see some of the key reports.


   The core vital report is the key metrics of the mobile version. At the top of the report it will show whether it is pass or fail. Here are the key report in core web vital report.

Largest Contentful Paint- Measures the loading performance, specially it takes for the largest piece of page to visible to the user.

Cumulative Layout Shift- Measures the visual stability, how much the page speed that the page will move around to load.

First Input Delay- This will measures the first interactivity, specially it will takes to respond to user in the first interaction such as clicking a button or link.



   In this diagnose performance issues you will find the performance score. Here we will see about the each categories of the speed test score.

Performance- This will show the overall report for the page how they will be perform and optimized.

Accessibility- The categories of the access will be navigation, alt text image, color contraction for the user with visual impairments.

Best Practice- This will show how web development use the web technologies, image optimized and secure connection.

SEO– This category will shows how it will be optimized for the SEO. Like metadata, structured images and mobile friendliness.


   This section will shows how to optimize our website and gives some suggestion to rank in search engine result page. You can use this section to boost the speed and efficiency of the site.


We need to optimize for mobile and user friendly. Here we will see some tips to page speed.

Optimize your image

   More common way to focus on the images and video files in the website. This will increase the loading speed when we add to many images. Some common way to optimize our image is using webp format file and set the specific height and width of the image.

Embed the video content

   Don’t use the video content on the websites this will over load our website and increase the loading speed. Also this will create a stress on your web server when users will run the video on same time.

Avoid excessive redirect

Avoid excessive redirect

   Avoid excessive redirect will improve the page speed and increase the overall SEO ranking.

Choose faster website theme

   Use the specific website theme that will optimize for the page speed. Some themes used to store more data. So this use the optimized theme for the page speed.

Use Asynchronous loading for the Java script

  Asynchronous loading will help to do a multitasking. This accomplish other tasks like painting a table, loading a CSS style sheet while downloading the java script.

Enable the browser caching 

   This is the fundamental optimization helps to load faster for returning the visitors. For this optimization it need htaccess file.


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